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Forlle'd Hyalogy Travel Set


Forlle'd Hyalogy Travel Set

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We LOVE a thoughtfully curated travel set and this one is exceptional!

Whether you're a seasoned Forlle'd user, or want to try out all of the p-effect best-sellers, this set is for you.  The p-effect lineup is about ultimate hydration, with each layer giving the skin an ultra-luxe dose of deep hydration.  

Set includes:

Hyalogy p-effect Clearance Cleansing 10 g

Hyalogy p-effect Re Purerance wash 10 g

Hyalogy p-effect Refining Lotion 15 ml

Hyalogy p-effect Essence 1 ml x 2 sachets

Hyalogy p-effect Basing Emulsion 10 ml

Hyalogy p-effect Nourishing Cream 8g

Hyalogy p-effect Reliance Gel 8g