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Moreton Pouch - Medium

Take Monday specializes in 'multitasking bags for everyday packing,' and their signature Moreton (Medium) pouch is no exception. Favored by fashion editors and travelers, it’s a versatile accessory, perfect as a travel wallet, ensuring essentials like passports and boarding passes are always at hand. Suitable for daily commutes, carrying items like an iPad Mini or paperback. Its clear design, paired with a Japanese water-tight zip, offers quick, visible access to contents. Crafted from exquisite canvas and biodegradable TPU, it’s vegan and non-leather.

Dimensions: 23cm x 27cm | 0.7L, and ultra-lightweight at 120 grams.


Moreton Pouch - Medium

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The ways to gift it or use it are endless; while travelling or as a daily carry, here are some of our favourites:
Travel companion for in-flight necessities
Hair accessories
Jewellery, watches
Computer/device case
Coffee run case


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