Moreton Pouch - Small
Moreton Pouch - Small
Moreton Pouch - Small

Take Monday

Moreton Pouch - Small

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We are as picky with our accessories as we are about skincare - which is why we are OBSESSED with Take Monday, who specialize in "multitasking bags for everyday packing".

Designed to fit EU airport security regulations and whizz liquids through terminals in style. The Moreton pouch makes the perfect case for daily essentials - think lip balm, keys, sunglasses and airpods that float around in your purse without a home (or maybe you just don't want to carry a purse).

Or throw in your hotel key card, metro pass and Paris guidebook and spend the day getting lost in the city of light. 

Directions For Use

The ways to gift it or use it are endless; while travelling or as a daily carry, here are some of our favourites: 

  • Travel companion for all those 100ml liquids
  • Hair accessories
  • Jewellery, watches
  • Manicure accessories organizer
  • Coffee run case

Product Specs

  • Clear so you can always see what’s inside
  • Japanese water-tight zip for quick access
  • Made with beautiful canvas and buttery, biodegradable TPU
  • Non-leather and 100% vegan
  • 20cm x 20cm | 0.5L
  • Ultra-lightweight at 100 grams